Chicken & cashew nuts

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 pounds Chicken; beasts, cut in 1\"
1 \N Lg Cashew; nut halves or hon
\N \N Canola ; or peanut for fryin
2 teaspoons Salt,
2 \N Egg; beaten ,
1 dash Pepper,
2 teaspoons Corn starch,
6 teaspoons Soy sauce
2 cups Water chestnuts
\N \N Salt & pepper ; .to taste,
2 teaspoons Sugar,
4 teaspoons Corn starch,
\N \N Msg; (optional).
3 tablespoons White vinegar,
¼ cup Soy sauce

~----------Marinade--------------- ~----------Vegetables*------------- Rinse cashews in cold water and set aside to drain. Prepare marinade by mixing all ingredients with a fork. Put chicken pieces in a large bowl and pour marinade over, mixing well to coat.

Marinate at least 20 minutes. Make sweet & sour sauce by mixing all ingredients and when about to boil add in some cornstarch & cold water mix to thicken. Keep warm. Heat oil in wok. Add cashews and quick fry for 30 seconds, remove and drain. Fry marinated chicken until pieces turn white, drain.

Remove all but 2 T. oil from wok and stir fry veggies until onions are clear of color.Return chicken to veggies, mix well, add seasoning mixture (mix all ingredients), add cashews, Stir all well.

Remove from heat. Serve with sauce, eggrolls and fried rice.

Enjoy... Vicki Phillips : VICKI PHILLIPS (JFPH78B) 01/05/92 5:37 PM

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