Carol's mom's green chile

Yield: 12 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 medium Size roast (beef)
10 larges Green chiles
1 large White onion
1 medium Can whole stewed tomatoes
\N \N Garlic salt
1 pinch Cumino (up to)
4 cups Beef gravy

Larry Ottersbach aka theo@... aka lottersb@...

I was at a wedding reception a couple of years ago hear in Phoenix for my wife's secretary. There was a green chile in a large pot on the food table that was very good. Everyone was eating it plain, wrapped in flour tortillas as a burrito and as a topping for just about everything else. I asked the bride if she knew who had made it and she told me that her mom had made it from an old family recipe. A few weeks later (after the honeymoon) I got a call from her. She asked me if I cooked. I said that I did. "Good", she replied, "because my mom just gave me the recipe and if she has to give you exact measurements she's not sure if she could". An hour later I got a fax with the following recipe.

Roast green chiles over grill until all skin is almost black (you are not burning it - don't worry)

Soak roasted green chiles (submerged) in bowl of cold water (ten minutes).

Peel skin off. Dice chile into small, small pieces or mashed.

Cut up meat into bite size pieces. Sautee meat with white onion about 10 minutes or just barely brown. Add tomatoes, garlic salt, cumino and gravy and simmer about ½ hour.

That's it. It's very generic. I have substituted just about everything in it. I prefer using New Mexican green chiles with a couple of Jalepenos and a couple of Seranos or a Habanero but everything in the recipe is to be done "to taste". I also like using half beef and half pork and sometimes add some choriso (pork or beef). Sometimes I've left out the tomatoes and added more peppers and it always comes out great. If I plan on freezing some for later I try to undercook to allow for reheating.


From the Chile-Heads recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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