Care and storage of yeast

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Yeast is a delicate, single celled organism that makes it easy to produce raised bread. Yeasts work well when they are in a temperature range of 85 to 115 degrees F, depending upon the variety. Rapid rise yeasts prefer the higher temperatures. There is a simple procedure called "Proofing" which is a way to test whether yeast is good.* Yeasts digest sugar and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide gas (CO2). These are both natural products of the fermentation process. The alcohol contributes to the taste of bread and the carbon dioxide produces bubbles in the dough that make it expand and rise. All recipes are designed to balance the ingredients so that the desired character of the loaf is produced. In the unopened package, SAF Yeast has a shelf life of two years at room temperature. We have yeast that works perfectly after four years when cared for as described below. Yeast is damaged by water and moistue. The following procedures are designed to keep yeast dry. 1. Select two air tight jars, one about four ounces and the other, one quart. 2. Be sure the jars are absolutely dry! 3. In a dry location, open the package of yeast and fill the small jar for storage in the refrigerator for frequent use. 4. Pour the remainder of the yeast into the large jar for storage in the freezer. 5. To use yeast from the refrigerator jar: open the jar, pour out the required amount of yeast, cover the jar and return it to the refrigerator as quickly as possible.

Avoid dipping measuring spoons into the yeast; they may carry moisture. 6.

To refill the refrigerator jar: remove the freezer jar and allow it to come to room temperature before opening. Notice that moisture will condense on the outside of the container. (If the jar were opened when it was frozen, moisture would condense into the yeast.) Dry the jar thoroughly. Open it when at room temperature and pour some yeast into the refrigerator jar.

Tightly close both containers and return them to their storage locations.

How to Use SAF Instant French Yeast SAF Instant Yeast is a quality, high performance yeast, developed by the world's largest and oldest yeast manufacturer, S. I. Lesaffre, in France. To bake bread in Automatic Bread Machines on the regular cycle or in ovens: Use ½ teaspoon SAF Instant Yeast per cup of flour. To bake bread in Automatic Bread Machines on the quick cycle: Use ¾ teaspoon SAF Instant Yeast per cup of flour. Adjust amount used to your taste.

* To proof yeast: Stir 1 tsp sugar into ¼ cup warm water (110 to 115 degrees F.). Sprinkle 1 tsp yeast on the surface stir. In five minutes, mixture should foam. In 10 minutes there should be a fairly thick layer of foam.

From: Bread-Bakers Archives: Recipe By : SAF Yeast; Irwin Frankel

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