Bright ideas with candles * (part 1)

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient



1). Candle wax cleanup: Where there are glowing candles, there can be some dripped wax. Colored wax, especially red, can cause stains.

To remove hardened wax from washable fabrics, carefully scrape the excess with a knife. Place the stained fabric between several layers of white paper towels. Press with a warm (not hot) iron, replacing paper towels as wax is absorbed. If the spot remains, place the stained side down on whole paper towels; sponge the unstained side with cleaning fluid. Launder the cloth as usual. If any stain remains, do not put in dryer. Repeat the cleaning fluid process; apply liquid or spray laundry stain remover and wash with appropriate bleach.

2). Place candles in the freezer for a while before lighting. They will burn more slowly and drip a lot less.

3). Brighten an adult's dessert plate with soft candle glow by using the small candle holders designed to clip onto christmas tree branches. Insert a candle and clip to each dessert plate and light the candles just before serving for a sparkling, festive touch.

4). Red apples can be made into candle holders by cutting holes in them with an apple corer or paring knife. Insert candles and tie colorful ribbons around them.

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