Bright ideas with candles * (part 2)

Yield: 1 servings

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5). Candle arrangements in unusual containers can be creatively unique. Use items you have around your home. Try votive candles in fluted molds, saucer type champagne glasses, muffin pans or on inverted clay flower pots in clay saucers; surround with brightly colored ribbons, jingle bells, small shiny tree ornaments or pine cones. Florist clay or candles "stickem" can be used to secure the candles.

6). Winter wonderland: Candles can be used to create an illusion of moonlight on snow covered boughs. Place white or ivory candles of various heights in glass holders. Group and surround them with snow-flocked evergreens. Intertwine metalic colored ribbons around candle holders. Use crystal angles or trees for a touch of fantasy.

For a doubly beautiful effect, arrange grouping on a mirrored background to catch and reflect the light.

7). Paper-Bag Luminaries: Can be made using small paper bags, plain or colored, sand and votive candles. Bags can be decorated by cutting out holes with scissors or paper punches, but make sure they are small so that the wind cannot put the candles out. Fold top of each bag down about 2" for added strength. Put about 2" of sand in each bag. Place candle in the center of the bag, making sure it does not touch edges; light the candle. Place 3-6' apart on edge of sidewalks, driveways and steps. Do not place near dry leaves or shrubbery.

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