Bohemian grove apple butter

Yield: 1 servings

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"The earliest Bohemian Clubbers*" traveled the beautiful Gravenstein Highway, trekking through Marin County on what is now Highway 101 to the Sonoma County turn-off near Santa Rosa, to reach their famous Bohemian Grove at Monte Rio in the secluded Russian River country--as members still do. A distinctive apple butter, made from these 'apples with character,' was served at the Bohemian Club around 1900.

12 lbs. (Gravenstein) apples 2 quarts fresh (Gravenstein) apple cider 6 cups sugar 21 teaspoons cinnamon 12 teaspoons powdered cloves 6 teaspoons allspice 4 tablespoons ground lemon peel Juice of four lemons 2 cups Madeira wine

Wash, remove the stems from the apples, and quarter them. Reduce the fresh cider by cooking it down to half its original quantity. Bring the apples and the cider to a boil and then reduce heat and slowly simmer the apples until soft. Strain the mixture, and add sugar.

Stir thoroughly, and add cinnamon, powdered cloves, allspice (MY NOTE: I reduced the amount of cloves to 4 teaspoons, and cinnamon to 10 teaspoons, and allspice to 2 teaspoons), ground lemon peel, lemon juice, and Madeira. Cook mixture for 2 hours over low heat, stirring occasionally until the butter is thick.

Submitted By FLORENCE THOMPSON On 03-21-95

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