Aunt ellen's cornish pasties

Yield: 1 batch

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AUNT ELLEN NOTT'S CORNISH PASTY RECIPE Aunt Ellen was born in 1851 and was 85 years old when she taught me [Mabel Weller] (in Cornwall 1938) to make pasties. I like to think that she had been taught by her mother. The ingredients are simple: pie crust, cubed round steak, onions and potatoes, salt and pepper. Turnip or leeks can be used for a change of flavour. All ingredients are raw. Roll out pie crust and cut into rounds or ovals about the size of a butter plate. On one half of the pie crust arrange, in this order, a few slices of potato, a layer of onion, a pile of steak and the salt and pepper. Moisten the edge of the crust around the filling, and fold the bare crust over. Seal the edge very well or the onion juices will run out and make the pasty stick to the baking dish. Cut two vents in the top.

Bake at 400 F for about an hour. Modern pasties seem to be made with leftovers: ground up cooked meat and left over assorted vegetables mixed together in a pastry which is joined in a thick roll at the top. This was reported by recent visitors to the U.K.

from: Mabel Weller

Submitted By JIM WELLER On 06-04-95

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