'orrible severed handwiches (halloween)

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 Loaf of your favorite
Sandwich bread
10 slices Ham
Tomato ketchup
Mayo or similar spread

You will need a knife and a cutting board. Press your hand onto one slice of the bread so that it leaves an impression. Cut round the impression with a sharp knife so that you have a hand shaped piece of bread. Do the same with the other piece of bread, put spread on one slice of bread. Rip the slice of ham so that it looks rough at the edges an place it on the 'hand' of bread. Spread tomato ketchup on to the 'wrist' and 'fingers' to look like blood. Put the other hand shaped slice of bread on top to complete the sandwich. You can also stick 5 almond sliver 'fingernails' on to the ends of the fingers with ketchup, so that it looks as though blood is oozing out from underneath. UGH!

From: Crazy Cooking

(With a name like that, I am not going to read it??) Typed by Joell Abbott 8/94

Hummm, maybe next Halloween :)

Keep in mind that kid's taste buds are highly sensitive at this age.

Keep foods as close to natural as possible. The child can taste the salts and sugars in veggies and fruits, they don't need a lot of dressing up at this stage to be tasty to a child. (Sorry, I missed if the child is male or female.) My nephews used to eat vegetables at my house, cause I kept them crunchy, with not a lot of added spices for them, their mom over cooked them and added butter, salt, pepper and other flavorings she liked. Now is the time to really think about how to guide the child's eating habits. I am a big advocate of balanced meals. See guidelines readily available at your library.

Stir frying is easily adapted to 1¼ serves. Chop the veggies extra small for the little one to handle better. Get a good mix of colors, red, green, white, orange with the veggies, use a light flavored oil like peanut. A very little amount of soy sauce and that is about it.

Serve over rice or noodles. Any left overs are good to add to broths to make instant soups.

Go easy on the sausages. Lean meats are best for the child and you :)


Joell in Mona Vale NSW

Recipe By : From: Crazy Cooking From: Marjorie Scofield Date: 10-19-95 (02:16) (160) Fido: Recipes

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