Halloween party games pt 1/2

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I realize these games are not food but with all of the Halloween treats I sent earlier, you'll need quick game ideas for school kids so you'll be the perfect room parent. These are good for adult parties too!! Hope these help you to have a frightfully fun party! Cheryl Miller - Fort Collins, CO BAT FLY - Make a fishing pole by attaching string to a wooden dowel. Tie a magnet to loose end of the string. Attach paper clip to black paper bats.

Place bats in a bag. Have children "fish" for the bags and have them fly out of the paper bag.

PIN THE NOSE ON THE PUMPKIN - Cut a large pumpkin shape out of orange construction paper. Draw on the eyes and mouth but leave a space for the nose. Blindfold the kids and have them pin the nose on the ghost. The one coming closets wins. Variation of pin the tail on the donkey.

FEED THE JACK-O-LANTERN - Make a Jack-O'Lantern on the outside of a box.

Remove a large mouth. Player tosses bean bags into the mouth. A treat will be received for each successful toss.

MOLDY PUMPKINS - Shortly after Halloween, many pumpkins sit around getting soft, moldy and get long faces (sounds like me!!). Ask the kids what some good uses would be for these old droopy pumpkins. Get ready for some silly answers. The most creative suggestion wins a prize.

WITCHES BREW - Cat paws, spiders and toenails. Have the kids think up their own wtiches brew and write up a recipe. The weirdest one wins.

SPIDER WEB - You will need a prize for every guest who wins this game.

Before the party, tie a prize to the end of a ball of yarn. Unroll the yarn around the party area, looping it over furniture, under desks and all over the room; cut the yarn. Repeat this with every prize, looping the yarn in different patterns around the room until it looks like one large spider web. Make sure all the yarn ends are gathered in one spot. When you're ready to play this game, give each child the end of a string to untangle to find a prize. It is chaotic but fun! BOB FOR APPLES - The Sanitary Version - Attach a whole or sliced (for younger children) apple(s) to string suspended from a broomstick held by two adults. Children hold hands behind their back and catch the apple in their mouth. NOTE: An English custom that originated was that young girls who "dunked" for apples on Halloween night could see future husbands if they slept with the apple under their pillow.

CATCH THE GHOST - Inflate a white balloon (the ghost). Do not tie the end.

Adult releases the balloon and a child tries to catch the ghost before it touches the ground.

PUMPKIN PUSH - Place inflated, large, round orange balloon at a designated starting line. At a signal, 3 to 5 children kick their balloon to the finish line. A treat is received for crossing the finish line. This game can get pretty rowdy and requires a large room and a patient teacher! PUMPKIN DICTIONARY - Write words that pertain to Halloween on slips of paper. Fold and place in a large plastic pumpkin. Divid into teams. Hve one person go to the board and draw clues as to the word he/she has chosen.

Team getting the most points in the allotted time wins. A funny variation of this game is to have the kids act out the word.

MUMMIES - Divide the children into pairs and give each pair a roll of toilet paper. Let each pair decide who will be the mummy or assign a mummy to each team. At the signal to begin, each partner wraps his/her mummy in toilet paper from head to toe. The mummy who is most thoroughly covered with toiled paper at the end of the time period wins.

PAPER GHOST RELAY - Furnish straws for each student and ghosts cut from white tissue paper. Each student in turn sucks on the straw and holds the ghost at the end of it (no hands!!) while moving from the team's spot to a designated line and returning. Dropped ghosts must be picked up before the player can continue.

CANDY HOP - You will need two spoons and candy corn for this game. Each team member in turn carries a candy corn on his spoon while hopping to the line. The team finishing first wins.

UGLY KITS - Ugly kits are prepared ahead of time. They can consist of egg cartons, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, washable (???) markers, etc. - anything that can be use to create an ugly monster. The Ugliest creature can be judged by the other students.

SPOOKY SOUNDS - One player (the witch) sits blindfolded with her back t the group (the goblins). Each goblin, one-by-one, creeps up close to the wicked witch and makes a spooky sound, disguising his/her voice to fool the witch.

The witch then tries to identify the goblin and when she guesses correctly, she changes places with the goblin whom she caught. The goblin then become the wicked witch.

HALLOWEEN TONGUE TWISTER -- Which is the witch that wished the wicked wishes!

continued in part 2

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