Xmas trivia #2

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Many towns in the United States have names that remind one of Christmas. In fact, one town in Florida IS called Christmas.

Christmas Cove is in Maine and Oregon has Christmas Valley. Quite a few towns have the name of places Jesus visited while He lived on earth. Palestine is in Illinois, West Virginia and Texas. Mount Olivet is in Kentucky, Olivet is in Michigan and Illinois, and three states - Mississippi, Illinois and North Carolina- have a Mount Olive. Bethlehem is found in at least six states: Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota.

The states of Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Oklahoma all have towns named Bethany. Jordan is in Monatna. Texas and Pennsylvania both have a Nazareth. Damaxcus is a town in Virginia. Lebanon isfoundin Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oregon,NewYork, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio. Christmas plants have been remembered by those naming towns. Mistletoe is in Kentucky, Evergreen in Louisiana, Cranberry in West Virginian and Cranberry Lake in New Jersey. Three states have a Mount Holly: New Jersey, Vermont and Virginia. Holly is in Colorado. Hollybush and Holly hill are in Kentucky. You can visit Holly Ridge in Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina. North Carolina also has Holly Springs andso does Mississippi. And Mississippi also has Holly Bluff.

St Joseph is found in Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, and Tennessee. Oregon has a town name Joseph.

Arizona has a Joseph City.

There is a St Mary in Kenctucky and Montana. St Marys is in Indiana, Ohio, Kansas and Missouri. St Marys City is in Maryland.

The most famous Christmas town is in Indiana. It is calledSanta Claus.

(There is also a Santa Claus in California, but for some reason few peopleknow about it.) Thousands of people send cards and packages to Santa Claus, Indiana where the postmaster adds the Santa Claus postmark before sending them through the mail. However adequate postge must be added by the original sender for the mail to be forewarded. Santa has a big castle in theIndian town name for him.

Every year during the holiday season, thousands of people visit the jolly man's castle. How did the town of Santa Claus, Indiana get its name?? It was not always called this. When the town was founded years ago, it was known as Santafee. Another town in Indiana had this name. A state cannot have two towns with the same name, so citizens of one Santafee had a meeting to decide on a new name. The meeting took place on Christmas eve, 1855 and so Santa Claus was the name chosen for the town. Perhaps there are other towns in the United States that have a Christmas realted name. Be on the lookout for them. Origin: Newspaper insert for the Cariboo Observer, December 21, 1994. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Dec/94.

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