Xmas trivia #1

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What is more traditional than the turkey dinner at Christmas?? But turkey dinner, though traditional now, was not known in Europe before 1542. Even then it was served only as one of many festive dishes.

Ordinary families celebrated with goose or beef or Christmas pies of many ingredients. Of course, in the great houses and castlesthetable was laden with the rarer delicacies. In fact, the whole celebrations had a ritual. The celebrations started with the Lord of the Manorinviting the people from the country side to a Christmas celebration at his castle. The great dining hall filled with guests to partake of the Christmas feast. The table was crowded with roast peacock with tail spread and beak gilded, swan, venison, bustard, goose, chicken, roast beef, mince pie, plum pudding, and every other delicacy available.


%%%%% BABOUSKA! %%%%%


In Russia, it is Baboushka who brings gifts to the good girls and boys. A witch like person who had miscirected the Wise Men on their way to Bethlehem, Baboushka must forever journey throughout the land knocking on each door with her staff, seeking the Infant Child.

While the children are asleep, she enters with a candle to look at themand then slip a toy under their pillows.

Origin: Newspaper insert, Cariboo Observer, December 21, 1994.

Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Dec/94.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 12-11-95

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