Why paul mccartney won't touch a big mac (part 4)

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\N \N It's very convenient, I think, to hide it all away. We want our
\N \N Meat clean, we want it pre-packed, no giblets, from the supermarket
\N \N And all that. We want clean meat - but unfortunately there's no such
\N \N Thing...

My latest horror is deer farming - which means that deer now go to slaughterhouses. So imagine this image of a row of Bambis going up the conveyor belt with their little sad eyes. When you hear about things like that, you've got to realise that our tradition has got out of hand. You see my point is that we've won the race on earth. Humans have won. There's no other animal, no species, is ever going to give us a problem. No race of spiders could ever take us over. We could zap 'em we've got the gear. There's no elephants ever going to rule us, we've got guns for them - we've got atomic bombs for God's sake.

Any time we want to lose a species, we are the winners we can do it.

But we're not noble in our success - and I think this is going to be the interesting new phase. That's what we've got to look forward to: a nobility in success. It's not "be a good loser, son", it's "be a good winner now". I look forward to the time when we can suddenly think, "hey, we can relax a bit, we don't have to keep hating these things". We can get a bit Disney about it. We can now start to learn from the male gorillas. How does he pump up without steroids? He only eats leaves. I think there's going to be some very interesting developments in maybe 10, 20, 30 years. The other thing is that a friend of Linda's said that human beings are conducting a gigantic experiment on themselves in what they eat. You don't think that much about what's in what you eat: I don't. Maybe as veggies we do a bit more than other people- but not that much. It's not as if you've got a car and you think "now I need exacty this octane of fuel in it".

You just wake up in the morning and go "what do I fancy today? I'll have that and that and that", and you eat up until you feel full. But you don't actually look at what would be good for this machine that we are. Nobody actually puts in the correct octane not even the strictest of people, I think. People don't think what's in their meat. It's like Linda says - those animals are dead scared when they go up that slaughterhouse ramp and some of that fear and that adrenalin has got to chemically pass to their flesh - and it doesn't sound good to me to eat that. But then we don't think period about animals. People say fish don't have feelings. Come on! The human race really is the most pompous thing going; it's funny, it's amusing.

It's definitely not serious - it's too wild to be serious. But I have faith things will change. Reprinted with kind permission of Club Sandwich No.57, (The McCartneys' Official Fan Club Magazine) MPL Communications Ltd 1991 HTML by John Davis john@...

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