Why paul mccartney won't touch a big mac (part 1)

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\N \N Reproduced with premission from The Vegetarian February 1992

For almost 21 years Paul and Linda McCartney have been vegetarian.

Linda's views are well known. But rarely has paul spoken at length about his vegetarian beliefs. Here, he explains just why he could never eat meat again. "For us going veggie was really only down to one thing - that Linda and I both grew up being mad-keen nature-lovers. She, over on her side of the world, was looking under rocks for salamanders in posh Scarsdale, where she grew up. With me, I was in Speke in Liverpool. But right off the edge of Speke there was countryside So while Linda was looking for her salamanders, I'd be out looking for frogs and sticklebacks. When we hooked up I was with The Beatles and had this feeling that there wasn't such a thing as nature anymore - 'cos I'd left it. Then, when we got married, Linda started saying "Let's go to the countryside, let's get out of London", so we'd drive an hour out, just anywhere. Linda'd say "Try and get lost" and I'd be there saying "I can't, I'm driving". She'd say "Just try it". It was never a problem, there were plenty of signs. So she was like a new adventure for me, bringing back this nature thing. Anyway, I had a farm in Scotland which I didn't really like. I'd never really fixed it up at all. So Linda said to me that we could do the place up, take down the old shed and re-do all the walls. Anyway, over the years we got it all together and instead of having an old neighbour looking after the animals, we did it.

Eventually we got our own sheep and started looking after them. So it got really nice with the sheep and we got to start understanding all the animals. Anyway, one day we were having Sunday lunch - we were still meat-eaters, just building a home with the kids and that - and Linda was a really good meat cook. We were eating roast lamb for Sunday lunch and it was the lambing season and there were all these beautiful little lambs gambolling around. Then we just looked at the lamb on our plate and looked at them outside again and thought "we're eating one of those little things that is gaily running around outside". It just struck us, and we said "Wait a minute maybe we don't want to do this". And that was it, that was the big turning point and we said we'd give up meat.

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