Trirangi shahi tukra

Yield: 3 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 slices Thick bread
100 grams Pure ghee; (3 1/2oz)
200 millilitres Sugar syrup; (7fl oz)
500 millilitres Milk; (17 1/2fl oz)
75 grams Sugar; (2 1/2oz)
40 grams Milk powder; (1 1/2oz)
½ teaspoon Saffron
½ teaspoon Cardamom powder
2 teaspoons Pistachio puree
\N \N A few saffron strands
2 teaspoons Sweet basil
1 \N Sheet silver leaf
½ teaspoon Almond slivers
½ teaspoon Pistachio slivers



Cut each slice of the bread with small star cutters – 3 stars per slice. Heat the pure ghee and fry the bread until golden. Remove and place in the sugar syrup. Soak the bread for 1 minute in the syrup, then remove and place on a wire rack to drain and cool.

To make the sauces, heat the milk and milk powder mixture and bring to the boil. Keep stirring at regular intervals until the milk reduces by three quarters and thickens. Remove from the heat and add the sugar. Mix well and divide into three seperate bowls.

In the first bowl add the saffron into the base sauce and stir. Cool and refrigerate. In the second bowl, add the green cardamom powder into the base sauce and stir. Cool and refrigerate. Finally, in the third bowl add the pistachio puree and sweet basil puree to the base sauce. Stir, cool and refrigerate.

To serve, place three stars on each plate and pour the sauces seperately onto each star. Garnish with the silver leaf and place saffron strands on the safron sauce, almond slivers on the green cardamom sauce and pistachio slivers on the pistachio and sweet basil sauce.

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