Thanksgiving tile

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N This could be a tile with
\N \N A \" Thanksgiving \"drawing
\N \N On it. Something the kids
\N \N Can do freehand or looking
\N \N At a picture in a coloring
\N \N Book or magazine.
\N \N These directions are for
\N \N Using tracing paper and
\N \N Copying a drawing of the
\N \N Mayflower.
\N \N ...................

Here's how to do it................ 1... Follow the preceding directions on how to make the dough.

With a rolling pin, roll out the clay until it's about ¼ " thick.

Place a 6" square of cardboard on top of the clay and cut around it with a butter knife. 2... Now draw the pattern for the Mayflower onto a piece of tracing paper. Place this pattern on the clay. Pressing hard with the point of a pencil, draw over the lines on the pattern.

Lift the pattern off and then go over all the lines with the pencil.

Make sure the lines are deep enough so the pattern will stand out after the tile is baked. 3... To hang your tile, make two holes at about ½ "" from the top. Later, after the tile has been baked and colored you can push a 12" piece of string through the holes and tie it to hang.

Formatted for MM by Jeannie Allen

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