Terry bradshaw's smoked chicken

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
15 Hickory wood chips
1 cup Red wine
1 cup Water
2 Onions,medium yellow,chopped
1 Red bell pepper,large,seeded
2 Garlic cloves,crushed
1 Whole chicken
¼ cup Vegetable oil
Pepper to taste
3 tablespoons Lemon juice
Cajun seasoning to taste
Paprika to taste

CBS sportscaster Terry Bradshaw claims that cooking is like playing football. "There are times when you have to make it up as you go along," says the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback. "You have to be extemporaneous and make adjustments. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fumble." Bradshaw devised this recipe especially for TV Guide. "I've been smokin' stuff for a long time," he says, "but I don't understand spices. I just grab anything and pile it on." 1. Soak hickory chips overnight in wine and water. Place chips under cooking rack of gas grill. Preheat to medium. Fill a 13x9" baking pan with ½" of water. Add onions, sliced pepper and garlic. Place pan directly on grill.

2. Split chicken in half, skin, cut off fat and wash thoroughly. Coat in oil and sprinkle with pepper, lemon juice, Cajun seasoning and paprika. Place chicken on wire cookie rack. Set rack directly over baking pan already on grill. (Water in the pan will boil and create the steam that cooks the chicken." Cover grill and cook for about 90 minutes, or until meat falls off the bone.

Submitted By MICHAEL ORCHEKOWSKI On 10-12-94

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