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Yield: 8 Servings

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Date: Wed, 03 Jul 96 08:24:17 EST I just made veggie tacos last night. I browned some chopped onion and minced garlic in my sprayed pan for a few minutes. Tossed in my TVP. Mine was reconstituted in veggie beef broth. I don't think you have to reconstitute the Green Giant crumbles, do you? Anyway, I added a two to one combination of cumin and chili powder. In my case I was using the equivalent of two pounds of h*****ger(Giggle! I love the way we can't even spell the word out without cringing!), so I used 2 T. cumin to 1 T. chili powder. I added about a

¼ t. oregano and 1½ cups of water to moisten it. I let it simmer for about ten minutes. Turned out great! In fact I ate way too many tacos and am suffering today. The dry measurements are subjective. Adjust to your taste. Be careful if you use the broth to reconstitute TVP because some of them contain a lot of salt.

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