Sweet-potato tamales

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient

20 dried corn husks

1½ c corn kernels

1 md onion

1 c defatted chicken broth

1 ½ TB margarine

1 ¼ c yellow cornmeal

2 md boiled sweet potatoes --

: cubed and drained

: freshly ground black pepper This recipe is one of four stemming from interview and collaboration between Holly McCord of Prevention magazine and chef, Bobbie Flay of the Mesa Grill, NYC. * Rinse husks; soak 2 hrs. in warm water. * Puree corn, onion and broth in a food processor. Transfer to a bowl; cut in margarine. Using your fingers, mix in cornmeal and pepper (to taste) until margarine is blended. Mash in sweet potatoes. * Drain 16 husks; pat dry. (Tear remaining husks into 1-in.-wide strips for tying ends.) Lay 2 husks flat, tapered ends facing out and broad bases overlapping by about 3 in. Place ½ C. of cornmeal mixture in center. Bring long sides up, overlapping slightly; pat to close. Tie ends with cornhusk strips. Trim ends. * Steam single layers of tamales, covered tightly, on rack over boiling water for 45 min. To serve, slit tops; push ends toward middle to expose filling. Top with 1 tbsp. orange-honey butter, as follows: Boil 1 c. orange juice; reduce to ⅓ c. Remove from heat; cool. Whip in 2 Tbsp. honey, 1 tbsp. light margarine (softened) and black pepper to taste.

COOKS Tip: Refer to recipe called Tamales Nortenos, in book by Garry Howard for detailed instructions on how to work with the corn husks, etc. --[Pat H. McRecipe Oc 96]

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