Sweet and savoury crepes

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Eggs; separated
2 ounces Polenta
4 ounces Flour
½ pint Milk
2 \N Bananas; sliced lengthways
1 \N Apple; diced
1 bunch Tarragon
½ ounce Butter
2 tablespoons Sugar
\N \N Melted chocolate
\N \N Chopped strawberries


Beat the egg yolks and whites separately. Add flour to the egg yolks, then the milk and form a paste. Then fold in the polenta. Gently fold the egg whites into the mixture.

Pour about 11/2tbsp of vegetable oil into a pan. When it's hot, gently pour in the polenta mixture to form pancakes about 6" in diameter. Cook through until sealed and golden brown underneath, then turn and cook the other side. Remove and chill in the fridge.

In another pan, put the diced apple with a touch of butter, sugar and the chopped tarragon leaves. Allow to brown and caramelise.

Grill the sliced banana until it is slightly charred.

Remove the crepes from the fridge and spread out on to plates. Pour melted chocolate on half the crepes and add the apple mixture to the others. Fold the crepes into quarters.

Add the rest of the chocolate and apple mixture to the crepes, then decorate with strawberries and grilled banana.

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