Easy crepes

Yield: 1 Servings

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Put about 2 cups of flour in a largish bowl (enough to give you room for mixing). Make a well in the middle. Crack an egg into the well and beat it gently with a fork without disturbing the flour. Prepare a pint of milk or half-milk-half-water or soya-milk. Add a little of the liquid and carefully beat a little of the flour and egg into it.

Add more liquid and incorporate more of the flour. This sounds difficult but it isnt if you go easy and slowly, make sure you widen the well a little at a time, and get rid of any lumps before adding more milk. Continue till all the flour is mixed in and the texture is like thick cream. (It may not take all the liquid, or it may take a bit more-- these things are flexible.) Heat a heavy pan and put a thin layer of oil in it (French people some- times use half a potato to apply the oil in a thin layer, dipping the potato in a saucer of oil and then rubbing it briefly over the pan surface). Pour in a ladleful of batter, swirling the pan at the same time with the other hand so that it covers the bottom.

The batter should be pretty thin in the pan so that the crepes turn out about 1 or 2 mm thick!

As soon as it browns underneath or you see small bubbles in the batter, turn it. They take about a minute each side, or less once you get going. As you cook each crepe (the first and last may be useless), stack 'em on a plate in the over, or somewhere warm.

Serve with lemon and sugar, or with honey, or with grated gruyere and chopped walnuts, or whatever else you fancy! File

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