Stuffed crawfish heads

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Crawfish Bisque One recipe
2 \N Egg whites

Grind the reserved cooked tail meats. Chop an onion very fine and brown in a Tbsp of butter. Squeeze thoroughly a cup of bread wet with water. When well squeezed, make a paste with a little milk, season and mix with well seasoned crawfish meat. Chop another onion, put in butter and add crawfish mixture. Let fry for 10 minutes, adding finely chopped sprig of thyme, parsley, bay leaf and mix. Remove from fire. Stuff head shells with mixture. Dip and roll in egg white, then brown in butter, turning all sides. Add to soup mixture. THIS PREPARATION METHOD VARIES FROM BOOK. Source: FISHES AND FISHING IN LOUISIANA published 1933 Stuffed Head recipe by Mrs Zoe Zeringue, Waggaman LA 1974 Recipe date: 04/18/74

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