Students' fish and potato curry

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1½ pounds White fish - e.g. cod or ling or any
\N \N ; whitefish or shellfish
1 pounds Potatoes
8 ounces French beans; (alternatively use
\N \N ; frozen peas,
\N \N ; courgette or any
\N \N ; vegetable you like)
1 \N Green or red chili
\N \N Salt and black pepper
2 tablespoons Curry paste; (select one that you
\N \N ; like)
2 \N Cloves chopped garlic
4 ounces Creamed coconut or 1 tin coconut milk
1 \N Desertspoon sugar
\N \N Chopped fresh coriander
\N \N Four large spicy poppadoms
1 \N Lime
\N \N Oil

Bring ⅓ pint / 190ml of water to the boil in a saucepan. Add raw fish and bring back to the boil for two minutes. Place a tight fitting lid on the saucepan and turn off the heat. Leave the fish to cook in the steam. Cook beans in a saucepan for 2 minutes and put straight into cold water. Cut potatoes into pieces and boil for 10 minutes. Chop chili, discarding seeds and membrane. Heat oil, fry cooked potatoes until golden brown. Add chopped chili, garlic and curry paste - cook for 1-2 minutes. Mix the liquid from the fish with the creamed coco nut (or use a tin of coconut milk) and add to the curry. Add sugar and simmerfor 2-3 minutes. Add the beans and heat through. Add the fish and coriander. Serve with poppadoms and a squeeze of lime juice.

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NOTES : In September many students move away from home and find themselves catering on a budget. Use the cheapest fish and vegetables available..

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