Southwestern pea soup

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 packs (10-ounce) frozen peas, deftosted in a sieve under warm running water
2 cups Plain yogurt (I use nonfat & can't tell the difference from whole or lowfat)
¼ cup (or less, I've done it with none) olive oil
½ cup Fresh lime or lemon juice
4 \N Cloves garlic smashed & peeled
1 tablespoon Chilli powder (or more, I know how you are, though this isn't really intended to be a spicy soup)
2 cups Ice water
1 tablespoon Salt
\N \N Ground cumin, I added, though it isn't in the original recipe
½ \N A cup of the peas from above, about
½ cup Each finely chopped tomato & red bell pepper
1 \N Minced jalapeno (OK, it's supposed to be a little hot) (up to 2)
1 bunch Cilantro chopped up
\N \N Red onion, I also add this to this mess


Put peas in food processor and mush thoroughly. Add everything else down to 'Garnish' except for the water and process till fairly smooth. Dump in serving bowl, add water, stir. The original recipe called for putting out all the garnishes in seperate little bowls for diners to pick a choose from. Frankly, I toss all of them into one bowl and let people pick out the ones they don't like. Had this for dinner tonight. Yum good and it's sorta key lime colored.

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