Sole with leeks

Yield: 1

Measure Ingredient
1½ kilograms of sole
1 \N onion
300 ccs of cream
100 \N gr. of butter
4 \N leeks
2 \N carrots
1 \N water glass 250 cc. of white wine
1 \N compound sprig

To extract carefully the filets of the soles and to reserve heads and thorns(bones).

To peel the onion and to scrape the carrots.

To give a few cuts to the green part of the leeks and to spend(pass) them under the faucet.

To put in a container of crystal the half of the butter with the thorns(bones) of the fish and

to cook covered in microwaves 2 minutes to 50 %, giving turned once or twice during the boiling.

To incorporate then the onion 1 leek and carrots, quite very badly, and the compound sprig.

To cover again and to cook 2 more minutes.

To act rashly with the wine and the warm water and to cook again 10 minutes

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