Smooth-as-silk ice milk

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ pack Plain gelatin
2½ cup Milk
¼ cup Sugar
½ tablespoon Vanilla
⅛ teaspoon Salt
2 \N Eggs
¼ cup Sugar

In small saucepan, soften gelatin in milk. Heat to dissolve gelatin.

Stir in sugar until dissolved. Cool and add vanilla and salt. Chill.

Beat eggs, add sugar and beat stiff. Then beat in gelatin mixture.

Stir freeze.

Makes about 1 quart.

Note: This recipe is for a 1-quart machine. Double or triple ingredients if needed for your machine.

From: Steve Herrick Source: [Ice Cream! The Whole Scoop, by Gail Damerow, Glenbridge Publishing] Source: [Best Recipes - July/August 1991]

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