Smoked-steamed chicken #2

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Oven ready chicken
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Rice
½ cup Leaf tea (preferably jasmine)
1 \N Glass gin

Take a wok with a lid and a steaming rack and line it with tinfoil, This is important or you will never get the wok clean. Also line the lid. Put in the bottom of the wok the sugar, the rice, the tea and the gin and mix.

Turn on the fume extractor to full, close the door to the rest of the house, open any outside doors and windows and turn off the smoke alarm. Put the wok on a high heat until the mixture begins to caramalize and then smoke. Put the steaming rack in the wok and put the chicken on it. (You can paint the chicken with soy/honey/vinegar mixed together if you like.) Cover with the lid lined with tinfoil, ensuring it is reasonably sealed.

Turn the heat down until just a trickle of smoke escapes. Wait an hour. You may have to turn the heat up a bit, or stir the smoking mixture to ensure a steady supply of smoke. Dish up the golden brown chicken. Wait until wok is cold, then remove the foil and char, and dispose of carefully. Beware, the tarry substance stains, and like most smoke tars is probably full of carcinogenic nasties. Still, the chicken tastes fantastic. You can do the same thing with game or with salmon.




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