Smoked turkey #2

Yield: 12 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Turkey
\N \N Hickory chips or mesquite chips; if desired

Smoking a turkey is very simple. (I've already heard various jokes about ZIG ZAGS...) First, get a turkey with a pop-up timer. Do NOT stuff the turkey.

You need a Weber-type grill. Before adding any charcoal to the grill, get a large turkey roasting pan. Mold the pan to fit on one side of the bottom of the grill. Fill the side without the pan with charcoal all the way to the bottom of the supports for the mesh grill. Add hickory chips or mesquite chips, if desired.

Start the charcoal. Put the mesh grill in place. Position the turkey directly above the pan. (The pan catches the drippings from the turkey.) Put the lid on the Weber.

Cook the turkey for 11 minutes per pound plus an additional 15 minutes.

You have to open the Weber up every thirty minutes or so. This is to allow plenty of oxygen to get to the charcoal. (If you keep it closed, the charcoal will go out.)

At about 60% of the total time for cooking the turkey, rotate the turkey 180 degrees. For a 20 pound bird, that would be at about the 2 hour mark.

That's it. Comes out perfect. Note that the time is 11 minutes per pound. I know this sounds like a very short time to prepare a turkey, but it works beautifully.

This turkey is NOT stuffed. Stuffing the turkey will increase the cooking time considerably.



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