Settler's dried salmon

Yield: 1 servings

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Split the fish down and remove the back-bone; having gutted and scaled it, wipe it dry, but do not wash it; lay it on a boards, and strew salt on the inner side; let it lie for two days, turning it each day; then wash the inside from the salt, string on a willow wand, and hang up up in the sun and wind to dry for several days; smoke it, but not to much. The Indians use but little salt in drying their fish, and smoke them with the wood or bark of red cedar; but this fragrant wood is not common, and other wood will answer. Some merely dry them in the sun, witout smoking. Corn cobs burnt give a fine flavour either meat or fish, and should be laid aside for such purposes. When required for the table, soak for a few hours in warm water, and boil or fry. Origin: The Canadian Settler's Guide, written in 1855 Shared by: Sharon Stevens.

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