Seasoning guide for eggs and cheese

Yield: 1 servings

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BAKED EGGS - Sprinkle dash of paprika or thyme over the top.

CREAMED EGGS - Add mace.

DEVILED EGGS - Add celery seed, cumin, mustard, savory, chili powder, or curry powder.

OMELET - Try with dash of marjoram or rosemary (lightly) SCRAMBLED EGGS - Sprinkle lightly with basil, thyme, rosemary, or marjoram. Add seasonings near the end of cooking.

SOUFFLE - Add ¼ tsp marjoram to 4 egg souffle. To cheese souffle, add basil or savory.

CHEESE CASSEROLES - Sprinkle with dash of sage or marjoram.

CHEESE FONDUE - Try adding a dash of basil or nutmeg.

CHEESE RABBIT - (rarebit) Try mace or mustard.

CHEESE SAUCE - Try a dash or mustard, marjoram, or thyme.

CHEESE SPREAD - Blend sage, caraway seed, thyme, or celery seed into melted processed cheese.

COTTAGE CHEESE - Blen in chives or a dash of sage, caraway seed, dill, anise or cumin. Prepare several hours ahead to allow flavors to blend.

CREAM CHEESE - Blend in curry powder, marjoram, caraway seed or dill.

Sprinkle paprika or cayenne atop. use as celery filling or appetzier spread.

Origin: Cooking with Love, compiled by Baptist Church in Oregon.

Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Aug/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 08-26-95

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