Seafood papillote

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N 24 ounces pi sole or scrod
4 larges Shrimp; peeled and deveined
4 \N Sea scallops
4 \N Mussels; cleaned in shell
4 \N Littleneck clams; washed
1 cup Tomato sauce; (homemade or store
\N \N ; bought)
4 ounces White wine
4 \N Fresh basil leaves
2 \N Pieces aluminum foil
\N \N On each piece of foil; place piece of sole
\N \N ; or scrod, 2 shrimp,
\N \N ; 2 scallops, 2
\N \N ; mussels, 2 clams,
\N \N ; 1/2 cup tomato
\N \N ; sauce, 2 ounce
\N \N ; wine, and 2 basil
\N \N ; leaves; wrap fish.
\N \N ; Put on baking sheet
\N \N ; in preheated 400
\N \N ; degree oven for 20
\N \N ; minutes. Foil will
\N \N ; puff up. Serve.
\N \N ; Serves 2. Each
\N \N ; guest will cut an
\N \N ; \"X\" in the foil
\N \N ; with a knife to
\N \N ; release the steam.
\N \N ; Note: Be careful of
\N \N ; the heat from
\N \N ; escaping steam when
\N \N ; opening papillotes.

Tommy Baratta, owner of Marylou's Restaurant in New York City (copyright 1994 by Tommy Baratta).

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