Sarbjit's mixed vegetable pakoras

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Mixed vegetables; (combination of
\N \N ; potatoes,
\N \N ; cauliflower,
\N \N ; aubergine and
\N \N ; mushrooms according
\N \N ; to preference)
1 medium Size onion
4 \N Spinach leaves
7 ounces Gram; (chickpea) flour
2½ teaspoon Salt
2 teaspoons Garam masala
1 teaspoon Red chilli powder
½ teaspoon Cumin powder
1 teaspoon Fresh ground ginger
4 smalls Green chillies
¼ pint Water
\N \N Vegetable oil for deep frying

Preheat the vegetable oil in a deep fryer on a low heat.

1 Peel the potatoes, cut into quarters and slice to 5mm thickness. Wash and trim all the other vegetables. Cut the cauliflower into small nuggets and halve the mushrooms.

2 Peel, wash and slice the onion in half, and slice the two halves lengthways into long, thin slices. Wash and shred the spinach leaves.

3 Place the vegetables and onion into a large mixing bowl. Grind the green chillies and add with the gram flour and other ingredients to the mixture.

4 Add the water and mix with your hand or with a wooden spoon until you get an even consistency.

5 Turn the heat to medium. Put a small drop of the pakora mix into the fryer to test the oil temperature. When the mixture sizzles and rises to the top, the oil is at the right temperature.

6 Using a large dessertspoon, scoop up portions of the mixture, placing each one into the hot oil until the mixture slides off the spoon.

7 If you want to use your hand in the traditional Indian technique, take a handful of mix and drop into the oil at a close distance, using your thumb to ease off the mixture from your hand.

8 Cook 15-20 portions at a time, turning occasionally until golden and crispy. The cooking time is about 10 minutes.

9 Place the fried pakoras onto paper towels to drain. Serve hot with cool mint chutney.

10 For the Mint Chutney: Whisk the following ingredients together and serve with the pakoras: 4 large dsp plain yoghurt, 1 tsp mint sauce, ½ tsp salt and 5 large dsp milk.

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