Saint's bones

Yield: 6

Measure Ingredient
\N \N for the marzipan:

300 grs. of sugar

150 gr. of water

300 gr. of almond finely chopped ( ground almond ) For the sweet of yolk:

200 grs. of sugar

100 gr. of water

8 yolks of egg

Preparation of the marzipan:

To do strong syrup with the sugar and water, in the fire.

To add the almond and revolver strongly up to forming a dought (masa - in spanish ).

To stop to cool while is made the sweet of yolk.

Preparation of the sweet of yolk: To do strong syrup with the sugar and water. In the fire.

To beat the alone yolks and to add to trickle the syrup while it re-turns(re-becomes).

(It is possible to to do with the mixer(beater)) .put again in the casserole where the syrup has been done and to put it to the bain-marie, re-returning until it thickens(thicken) very much.

To have taken care that it does not boil(do not boil), To stop to cool. Assembly(montage) of the bones: to work the marzipan and to stretch it with the kitchen roll, in a surface dusted with sugar glas. cut you pull 4 cm.

And then these in squares. To coil every square in a small stick of 1 cm.

Of diameter.

To give the mass with the fingers to form a few small cylinders and them to happen(pass) for a sugar glas.

To extract of the stick(wood), to stop to dry and to refill with the sweet of yolk.

Freezing: Yes

NYC Nutrilink: N0^00000

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