Roast wild duck

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Serves 4


Copyright & 1988 by Jonquil & Edward Barr, ISBN 0 9509182 5 3 First published in Great Britain in 1988 by: Rosendale Press Ltd, 140 Rosendale Road London SE21 8LG METRIC/IMPERIAL U.S. 2 young mallard 2 fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 small onions 2 bunch of parsley 25 g/1 oz butter/vegetable margarine 2 tbsp 1 wineglass red wine 1 wineglass 30 ml/2 tbsp sunflower oil 2 tbsp 6-8 rashers streaky (fatty) bacon 8 - 10 slices orange juice, optional flour for dredging Preheat the oven to 230-C/450-F/Mark 8. Season the cavities of the birds with salt and pepper, and place an onion, ½ bunch of parsley and a nut of butter inside each bird. Tuck in the tail ends. Pour the wine and oil into a roasting pan and place the birds in it. Cover the breasts with the bacon. Roast for about 20 minutes (rare) or 25-30 minutes (fairly well done). Remember to baste the birds well several times. Some orange juice may be added to the pan to help baste the birds. About 5 minutes before they are ready, remove the bacon, baste the breasts well and dredge with flour. Baste again, then return to the oven and roast until the breasts of the birds are golden brown.

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