Rat's darkness

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6⅝ pounds John Bull Dark Extract
½ pounds Crystal Malt
¼ pounds Black Patent Malt
2 ounces Saaz hop pellets (boiling)
¼ ounce Cascade hop pellets
\N \N (finishing)
1 \N Pack
\N \N Whitebread dry ale yeast

Cracked the grains and put them in 1½ gallons of water, bring to boil and remover grains after 5 mins, add boiling hops and extract. Cook for 1 hour, add finishing hops for last 10 minutes. add to water in fer- menter, bring level up to 5 gallons. ferments out in about 8 days, tasted good right out of the fermenter, ready to drink in about 8-10 days. Bottled with 1 cup Amber Dry Extract. Original Gravity: 1.040 Final Gravity: 1.008

Recipe By : Jack Green

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