Pita bread #2

Yield: 24 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Cakes yeast (2 tbs.)
2 cups Warm (not hot) water
8 cups Unbleached white flour
2 cups Whole wheat flour
½ tablespoon Salt

From: msf1707@... (Mitchell Feller) Date: 23 Apr 1995 06:41:15 -0600 PITA (aka Lebanese Bread, pocket bread, middle-eastern bread, etc.). Great recipe to make with kids. If your oven has a glass door, they can watch each pita blow up in a ball as it cooks).

Dissolve yeast in water. Measure out flour and salt in a large bowl. Mix in yeast and water mix along with enough extra water to make a very stiff dough. Knead until smooth. (It may be easier to put the yeast and water mix in another large bowl and mix in the flour one or two cups at a time) Cover and let rise until doubled (about 1½ hours, depending on the temperature). Punch the dough down. Roll out balls of dough about 3 inches in diamater. Be sure to roll them until they are smooth. Put the balls on a tray, tightly cover with plastic wrap, and let rise for 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 525 (No typo. Five-hundred twenty five degrees F). One at at time, roll each ball out into a circle about pita sized (8 or 9 inches). Put it on a wooden board and slide it into the oven onto an upside-down cookie tray. In a few moments, the pita will blow up like a beach ball. While it cooks, roll out the next one. The pita is done when light brown spots start to appear (only a few minutes). Take the pita out, put it on a towel and cover it with another towel. Stack the cooked pitas on top of one each other and keep the stack covered until they cool off.

They should flatten out. (Be careful flattening it yourself. They are filled with very hot steam when they come out of the oven).


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