Pickled garden vegetables

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Stephen Ceideburg
2 cups Thinly sliced zucchini
1½ cup Cut green beans, halved
½ cup Thinly sliced onions
1 large Red pepper, thinly sliced
\N \N Salt
1 cup Cider vinegar
1 tablespoon Pickling spice
½ cup NutraSweet Spoonful

The pick of the garden makes an easy vegetable relish that's colorful and healthy. A great way to dress up meals year 'round.

SPRINKLE ZUCCHINI, beans, onions and pepper lightly with salt; let stand 15 minutes. Rinse well. Stir vegetables into boiling water to cover; cook, uncovered, 2 minutes. Drain; rinse with cold water.

HEAT VINEGAR AND PICKLING SPICE to boiling; boil 1 minute. Cook 15 minutes; stir in NutraSweet Spoonful and pour over vegetables in sterilized pint jars or bowl. Refrigerate up to 2 weeks.

Makes 1 quart.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Serving Size: 1/4cup Calories.........⅕ Saturated Fat....0 g Protein.........<1 g Cholesterol.....0 mg Carbohydrates...½ g Fiber...........<1 g Total Fat......Trace Sodium.........19 mg DIABETIC FOOD EXCHANGE: 1 vegetable From "The NutraSweet Spoonful Recipe Collection", 1992.

Posted by Stephen Ceideburg

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