Perfect chicken stock-dam

Yield: 1 Batch

Measure Ingredient

1. Follow Steps for perfect poached chicken. 2. After removing bones from chicken, return them to the saucepan and bring liquid to boil again. Cover, Reduce heat, and let simmer 3-4 hours, set aside. 3. Pour Stock through a strainer into a bowl. 4.

When stock is completely chilled, remove all fat from surface and discard. 5. Reheat stock just enough ot liquefy and pour into ice cube trays.

Freeze, then place in sealable plastic bags and keep frozen. 6. Use frozen chicken stock cubes wherever you want a little added flavor, such as sauteing chopped onion in a non-stick pan without added fat,

or when cooking vegetables. 7. Once you have chicken stock cubes on hand you'll find lots of uses for them. Note: 1 cup chicken stock cubes used in a day is equivalent to 1 joker card or 25 optional calories. Keep track and be honest. If you cheat you just cheat yourself.

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