Paul prudhomme's blackened redfish

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
¾ pounds Unsalted butter; melted
6 \N Fish filets (if you can't get redfish; snapper or catfish will do)
\N \N Seasoning: a jar of P. Prudhomme's Blackened Redfish Seasoning mix or:
1 tablespoon Paprika
2½ teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Onion powder
1 teaspoon Garlic powder
1 teaspoon Ground red pepper
¾ teaspoon White pepper
¾ teaspoon Black pepper
½ teaspoon Dried thyme leaves
½ teaspoon Dried oregano leaves

Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 08:17:04 -0600 From: Judy Howle <howle@...>

I thought some of ya'll who don't have his LOUISIANA KITCHEN cookbook might like to have these recipes and I already had them typed. I agree with everyone else who raves about his recipes. They can't be beaten! I have made the gumbo numerous times, and crawfish etouffee is one of the best things I have EVER eaten! I will have to type it later, though. And the blackened fish (I use catfish, BTW, cooked inside, sauteed really) is outstanding. In fact, I am making it tonight! Enjoy! You can't do the real recipe indoors, so I have adapted it for indoor cooking. Otherwise, it smokes too much. Outdoors, you heat an iron skillet on high for at least 10 min. until past smoking and white ash appears in it. It can't be too hot. If you do it outdoors in a very hot skillet, be careful with pouring the butter on as it will flame up.

Combine seasoning ingredients. Dip each fillet in melted butter, then sprinkle seasoning on both sides, generously, patting in with hand. Place in skillet heated to med-hi and pour 1 tsp. melted butter on top. Cook about 2 min. and turn over and again pour 1 tsp. melted butter on top. Cook about 2 min. Turn and cook another 2 min. with another tsp. butter poured on top, until done. Repeat with remaining fillets. Serve piping hot. This is very delicious, even if not truly "blackened".


From the Chile-Heads recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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