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Maybe the general world IS getting healthier... veg. meals seemed fairly available, and sometimes even VLF veg meals. Morocco in Epcot had great steamed veg. couscous, and the Polynesian Revue (with advance request) prepared a large plate of steamed mixed vegetables and baked potato that made a good meal (w/the fruit plate that was everyone's appetizer).

I actually can't recommend the vegetarian place in Magic Kingdom (Sleepy Hollow), since it seemed like their offerings were higher fat (even the bagel chips they sell are fatty). Of course, my SAD husband wouldn't have eaten there anyways. It is a good parade watching spot so we had a snack stop there so I could peek at the menu.

There was only one meal that I really got stuck eating something I didn't want to. And it wasn't hard bringing in snacks & drinks in a backpack either.

Outside of Disneyworld, everyone (SAD and VLF and 4¾ yo) liked Pebbles, which is in the Crossroads Shopping Center. There's also a supermarket there where I got my best Florida souvenier: Rotel tomatoes!! ... my husband did ask why I was bringing back canned tomatoes :-)

And Delta did amazingly well with our special meal requests; the vegetarian meals were LF to VLF (including Guiltless Gourmet chips w/salsa!).

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