Ol' blue dog

Yield: 5 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ pounds Roasted barley
1 pounds Chocolate grain
1 pounds Black grain
10 ounces Amber DME
8 ounces Light DME
1½ pounds Corn sugar
½ ounce Northern brewer hop pellets
\N \N (45 min)
½ ounce Cascade hop pellets -- (30
\N \N Min)
½ ounce Perle hop pellets -- (15
\N \N Min)
⅓ ounce Hallertauer hop pellets --
\N \N (5 min)
3½ pounds Dogbolter malt extract
2 teaspoons Gypsum
4 ounces Blueberry extract -- (at
\N \N Bottling)
\N \N Lager yeast starter

Steep crushed grains at 148-152 for 1 hour in 2 gallons water. Sparge into brew pot; Bring to a boil. Add gypsum, malt extract & corn sugar; Add the hops per schedule. After 1 hour of vigorous boil, pour into sterilized fermenter. Add ice to make 5 gallons or 75 degrees (whichever comes first).

Add room temp water if not yet at 5 gal. Pitch yeast starter. O.G. 1060 F.G. 1018

Recipe By : Jay & Ethan


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