No cholesterol matzo balls

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Matza Meal
½ cup Water
6 \N Egg whites
1 tablespoon Oil; if desired
1 teaspoon Salt
1 dash Pepper

Beat egg whites. The more you beat them, the fluffier the matzo balls will be. You can even make a snow, for the fluffiest matzo balls ever. Add water, mix. Add oil, if desired, salt, and pepper. Slowly spoon in matza meal. You may need 1¼ cups if you're eggs are bigger. The batter should resemble oatmeal. If you want a harder matzo ball, don't beat the egg whites much, and use more, rather than less matzo meal. Refrigerate at least one hour (covered); overnight is better. Form into balls, (If the batter is not firm enough, you can add more matzo or cake meal at this point to thicken.) and gently drop into boiling water or soup. Cook for 20 minutes.

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