Moist towelettes

Yield: 4 dozen

Measure Ingredient
24 \N Squares of white Bounty- brand paper towels
1 cup Witch hazel
1 teaspoon Glycerin; opt

These handy wash-up towels cost less than half the price of their commercial conterparts while they contain no harsh alcohols or bizarre preservatives and they stay fresh and moist just long. Separate and stack each of the towel squares from the roll; cut each square in half. Place the rectangles in front of you vertically; fold each rectangle into thirds as if you were folding up a business letter; then fold the letter in half, as if you were closing a book. Place all but 4 of the folded towelettes on a single or double layer in a large shallow lassagne-type pan; set the pan aside. In a shaker jar, combine the witch hazel and glycerin. (The glycerin in not essential; however it allows the towelettes to remain moist for long periods of time as well as being good for the skin.) Drizzle the liquid evenly over the pan of towels and allow them to absorb for several minutes.

Press the towels to help them absorb any excess liquid; if any liquid remains, press in 1 or more of the reserved towels. Stack the moistened towelettes in a liddle plastic 2-cup container; cover securely and use as needed when traveling with children, on picnics, in the car, etc. If the towelettes begin to dry out, simply pour in a little more with hazel. VARIATION-WINDSHIELD WIPERS-If you have used glycerin, they can be used as an effective automobile windshield-wiping cloth in even the coldest weather. CARRY-ALONG WIPERS-Pack up to 10 moist towelettes in a zip-loc sandwich bag to carry in a purse, tote bag or lunchbox. WIPEY-DIPEY-Replace the witch hazel and glycerin with 1 cup light mineral oil or 1 c baby oil; saturate and package the folded towelettes as directed. Use as a half-price, alcohol-free diaper wipe for baby. Source: Health and Beauty Aids and Household Helpers.

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