Perfumed bath powder

Yield: 24 Oz

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Cornstarch
1 cup Rice flour
1 teaspoon Orrisroot powder
Several drops perfume or essential oil


Easy and inexpensive. Clouds of fragrance. Rice powder is available from health food stores and orrisroot powder from a pharmacy.

Mix all and store the powder in a tightly closed tin for 1 WEEK so that the orrisroot powder will absorb the scent. Transfer to other containers of your choice if desired.

Ideas: Can be sprinkled from the kind of big shaker that is normally used in the kitchen. For a special gift, cover a box with an antique style of paper, add a pretty puff topped with a fancy bow.

Variations: An especially nice powder can be made by omitting any fragrance from the recipe, and adding 1/2t vanilla to the powder and 1-2 vanilla beans. Store in a tightly closed tin. Or, sprinkle a cup of rose petals into the mixture, cover, and let the roses scent the powder. 24 oz Typed by Sherilyn Schamber

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