Lentils #1

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 cups Lentils (approx)
4 slices Bacon
\N \N Polish sausage (or farmer's etc.)
1 large Onion; chopped
1 \N Bag carrots; chopped (up to)
4 \N Bouillon cubes
½ cup Vinegar

Someone asked for lentil recipes. This is my mothers recipe, I can never get enough of it. Its fast and inexpensive.

Saute onion and chopped bacon in oil. I like to do this in a pressure cooker, you will know the reason in a moment. Add chopped sausage, lentils, bouillon cubes, and about six cups of water. Heat mixture thoroughly, stirring occasionally, adding water as the lentils soak it up so that you have a stew consistency. Add ¼ cup of the vinegar and cook for about 1 hour. This is where the pressure cooker comes in. If you don't have one, you'll have to continue cooking until the lentils are soft, about 21/2 hrs.

If you do have a pressure cooker, after the 1 hr regular cooking, pressure cook the mixture for about 15 min. Season to taste with salt, pepper and the rest of the vinegar. Oops, add the carrots after 1 hr of cooking.

Terrific on a cold night!




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