Leeky rosti

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Leeks -- julienned
2 Potatoes -- baked
Fat-free sour cream -- for
Scallions, chopped -- for

Bake potatoes and refrigerate at least one hour. Blanch leeks, refresh in cold water, drain, then press very dry. Peel potatoes, shred, and mix with leeks. Heat a non-stick skillet and add potato mixture, flattening to fill pan. Fry until bottom is crisp and brown (use broth for this press if necessary to prevent sticking). Remove pan from heat, cover witha plate, and flip over so potato falls on plate. Slide potato back in pan and cook on other side until crisp.

Serve with sour cream or plain yogurt, and scallions to top.

Recipe By : Lombardo & Bui "Cheap Thrills Cuisine" S-R 7/10/96 adapted

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