Julienne-cut vegetables

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You might think that fine touches such as julienne-cut vegetables are just for show, but in fact they do have their practical place in the kitchen as well. It's always a good idea to cut vegetables in evenly sized pieces so that they cook evenly. Otherwise, smaller pieces can become overcooked and soft before larger pieces are done. In addition, julienne-cut vegetable in fine, slender "sticks" are very quick cooking and maintain the texture and flavor of the vegetable.

To cut julienne strips, first trim the vegetable to about 3-inch lengths, then cut across into ¬-inch slices. Cut the slices lengthwise into ¬-inch strips. More pronounced ingredients such as ginger or garlic should be cut in finer julienne, about 1-inch long and 1/16-inch wide.

Simply Seafood

Fall 1995

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-07-95

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