Hulled corn soup (ai)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 quarts Dried Indian corn kernels
3 pounds Salt pork
1 pounds Dry red kidney beans
1 quart Hardwood ashes

Put enough water in an old kettle to cover the corn, Bring to a boil; add corn and ashes. Cook about 20 minutes, stirring frequently. This loosens the hulls or shells on the corn. When the hulls slip off the kernels by working between the fingers, drain the water and rinse corn in cold water, working corn with the fingers to help remove hulls. Drain and parboil; drain, rinse and parboil again. Repeat several times until the parboiled water looks clean and clear, (A handmade basket is traditionally used for this purpose.) When corn is good and clean, place it in a large kettle or canner with clean water. Parboil washed beans separately until water is colored; add both water and beans to the corn mixture. Cut salt pork into small pieces; add to the corn and beans. Be sure to use plenty of water because the corn will swell as it cooks. Cook 3 or 4 hours, or until corn is tender, stirring occasionally and adding water as needed. Makes 16 quarts of soup.

SOURCE:*William Bennett, Allegany Seneca, Iroquois Cookbook SHARED BY: Jim Bodle 10/92

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