Herb soap balls

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup Boiling water
1 tablespoon Pulverized herbs (Chamomile,
\N \N Lavender, peppermint, rose-
\N \N Mary, sage, thyme, or a
\N \N Combination)
5 \N Drops related essential oil
2 cups Shredded Ivory or Castille
\N \N Soap
\N \N Plastic wrap

Pour boiling water over herbs. Add 5 to 6 drops oil. Steep 15 minutes.

Reheat til bubbly and pour over soap. Mix well with hands and let stand 15 minutes. Mix again and divide into 3 or 6 parts, rolling each into a ball.

Place on plastic wrap and dry for 3 days.

Sherri Williams

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