Grilling does the body good

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Grilling Does The Body Good

Fried, fat and fast food are what we try and stay away from (or at least try). Chicken, fish and lean meats that are grilled are a much healthier choice not to mention tasty too! Here are grilling ideas from "Gather 'Round The Grill: A Year of Celebrations" author George Hirsch's cookbook.

Grill Tips:

Use natural fuels like propane and hardwood charcoal. Avoid charcoal made from sawdust and binders or charcoal made with lighter fluid.

The outdoor temperature, the direction of the wind and the moisture in the air all affect total cooking times. Get to know your fire! Whether you leave the grill lid up or put it down, your choice has a decided effect on the food. An open grill allows the food to sear; a closed grill gives your selection a smokier flavor.

Never place food on a cold gril -- the grill should always be pre-heated, including the grate.

Food Tips:

Avoid using salt when marinating meats, fish or poultry. Salt draws out the juices and toughens the flesh.

Turn steaks or chicken only once when cooking. When meat is flipped over, it cools down a little each time and steams, rather than reaching the proper surface temperature.

For steak or fish fillet, the fire has to be hot and the food placed directly over the heat. Fish should be removed from the grill just before it's totally done, because residual heat will continue to cook it. Meats such as duck or lamb require low heat and should never be placed directly over the flame.

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