Green chile wine

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Green Chiles; (peeled and seeds removed)
3 pounds Sugar
1 gallon Water
¼ teaspoon Grape tannin
1 \N Tablet Bisulite
3 \N Tablests Yeast nutrient
1 ounce Acid blend
24 \N Dried apricot halves
½ cup Raisins; chopped coarsely
1 pack All-purpose wine yeast

Sam Arnold - Denver, Colorado

>From "The Chili-Lovers' Cookbook", compiled by Al and Mildred Fischer, third edition, published in 1981 by Golden West Publishers, Phoenix, ISBN 0-914846-06-X :

Chop green chiles into ¼-inch squares. Dissolve sugar in very warm water.

Chrust bisulfite and yeast tablets into a powder. Mix together all ingredients EXCEPT wine yeast in a five-gallon polythene bucket. Cover with plastic wrap. (This mixture is called the "must.") When must has cooled to 70-75 degrees F, sprinkle yeast on top. Cover bucket. Stir must daily.

Ferment for five days.

Strain out solids and press leftover pulp. Discard pulp. Siphon must into narrow-necked one-gallon jug or carboy. Cover with double layer of plastic wrap secured with rubber band or attached fermentation lock. Be sure liquid is topped by adding water to bring level within 1-inch of top of jug. Place jug away from drafts or extreme temperature changes. After three weeks, siphon wine into 5-gallon bucket, leaving as much oif the yeast deposit behind as possible. Carefully rinse jug and siphone wine back into jug. Top liquid again. Replace cover. (This process is called "racking.") After three months repeat the racking process.

When wine is clear and bubbles can no longer be seen rising in the liquid, bottle the wine. If corks are used, store bottles on their sides. If screw caps, store upright. Age one year.

Now, I have never tried this recipe (or any home winemaking), so I make no warrantees or representations about how the results may turn out for any adventurous Chile-Head who wants to try this.

By the way, Golden West Publishers in Phoenix publish a number of spiral-bound cookbooks which should appeal to Chile-Heads, including the Arizona Cookbook, the New Mexico Cookbook, Mexican Family Favorites Cookbook, the Tequila Cookbook, etc.

Golden West Publishers 4113 N. Longview Phoenix, AZ 85014 Phone: 602/265-4392 Fax: 602/279-6901 URL: < > For a partial list of titles, see their distributor's web page at: URL: < >

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